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Sig Hutchinson - Community Leader Raleigh NCSig began his career in public service looking for a place to ride his mountain bike. Back in the early 90’s, with few places to ride single track mountain bikes, Sig started his advocacy work by creating the North Raleigh Mountain Biking Association that over the next eight years developed more than thirty miles of single track mountain biking trail partnering with two state organizations, N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

As a result, he became increasingly interested in the value of greenways and later became President of The Triangle Greenways Council where he has be been instrumental in  developing more than 150 miles of interconnected greenways throughout the region including leading the City of Raleigh’s Parks and Greenways Bond in 2003 for $47.5 Million dollars.

Open Space

As he became more politically active, Sig joined the Open Space Task Force for Wake County in the late 90’s to help set the direction for open space preservation within the county. Soon after that, he became chair of what is now the Open Space & Parks Advisory Committee and since 2000, has successfully led three bond referendums totally $96 Million Dollars helping preserve more than 4000 acres of the most important naturally areas in the county. Wake County Consolidated Open Space Plan.

As his environmental interests expanded, Sig became interested in air quality issues. He created and chaired the Air Quality Task Force for Wake County through a collaborative effort of both the public and private sectors and their report was adopted by the Wake County Commission in July of 2003. Wake County Air Quality Task Force Report. Later, he continued his work on air quality within the business community as a board member of Triangle Tomorrow were he remains active today as Chair of the Triangle Air Awareness Coalition.


Sig Hutchinson Evolving toward a more holistic approach of cleaner environments, healthier communities and mobility, Sig began to think more about transportation, land use and the integration of greenways into the existing transportation systems. In early 2000 he created and chaired the first Bicycle/Pedestrian Task Force for the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, as part of the 25 Year Long Range Transportation Plan.  Later, the task force evolved into the Bicycle Pedestrian Stakeholders Group that continues today as an active part of the transportation planning process.

More recently, Sig has continued his interests in connecting transportation and land use to create healthier communities and cleaner environments as Chair of the Triangle Transit in 2007 and continues to work with other community leaders to build a more vibrant transit system for the region including advocating for a sales tax referendum in the fall of 2011. Sig has now taken his message of the value of transit nationally with his new venture Move America Now, Inc. leveraging his knowledge and expertise of building better more livable communities to create healthier and happier citizens.



2010 Goodmon Awards

“He Wins Friends and Influences Land Deals” Tarheel of the Week, News & Observer, November 2004

"Sig discusses the Greenways & Regional Transit" Independent Weekly, October 31st 2007


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High Speed Train in Shanghi, China travels at 270 MPH.









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