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Personal Motivation, Building Organizations and Shaping Communities

Building Greenways and Relationships
The secret to a successful life; a strong organization or in building a vibrant community comes from learning the basics of human relations principles. Sig Hutchinson has made a career of working to preserve open space and parks by leading four bond referendums totally more than $140M. However, his greatest contribution has been the 150 miles of interconnected greenways being created in the Raleigh/Durham region of North Carolina. Sig takes you on a journey of “miles of smiles” as he shares the power of greenways to shape our lives and build communities with lessons that can make us better as individuals; stronger as organizations and more successful at impacting our communities. Learn about the power of Greenways to shape communities but more importantly, learn about the power within us all to accomplish what we never thought possible.

Click here to view a video of a presentation by Sig Hutchinson of the “Downtown Raleigh's Greenways”, 2011 and the “Raleigh Greenways Project” video >>


Building Rapport, Relationship and Trust
Our prospects determine if they are going to buy from us within the first thirty seconds. As scary as that thought might be, it speaks to the importance of building immediate rapport both on a conscious and unconscious level. Sig explores the keys to connecting with our prospects immediately and the human relationship principles to keep the relationship positive all the way to the close.

The Secret to Selling is Prospecting
Selling success has always be a function of time management. Are we spending our time with prospects who will never buy or with people who are ready to buy now?  Sig explores the greatest time wasters for sales professionals including the secrets to finding and qualifying prospects. This presentation can change a sales career forever by understanding first how we are spending our time and then more importantly, how we should be spending it. 

Understanding the Motivation for Buying
The motivation that moves us to buy is based on emotion while we spend our selling careers talking about the facts. It is the understanding of the real motivation for buying that moves us beyond peddling a product to satisfying the real wants and desires of our prospects. Sig explores how to uncover the true emotional reason behind the buying decision and then demonstrates how to use that information to close the sale.

Customer Service

The Secret to GREAT Customer Service
Success or failure of any business is built on customer service while all great customer service experiences share one thing in common; the unexpected. Sig explores the essence of what it takes to create great customer service and provides a deeper understanding of how to be remembered by our customers so they will buy, buy again and then tell their friends.



“You were able to deliver sales strategies that sparked even the most seasoned sales professionals.  Please don't hesitate to add Nationwide in Virginia as a very satisfied client”
Dave Thomas
Nationwide Insurance, Virginia

“Your presentation was unique, exciting and information packed.  I am convinced that your techniques will be instrumental in securing more business. As a matter of fact, we closed a significant deal last week that I attribute directly to your presentation."              Greg Hurt
Microspace Communication Corporation

“Energy, enthusiasm, and a great sense of humor. Sig brings it all to the table in his presentation. His highly motivational talk is loaded with new and fresh ideas for approaching our profession. I would recommend any sales manager bring in Sig for a boost to the numbers.”        
Gary Davis
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


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