Sales Courses



1/2 Day Course

  • Overview of the Sales Process
  • Developing a Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Telephoning for Appointments
  • Pre-call Planning
  • Sales Funnel
  • Qualifying Prospects
  • Building Rapport
  • Building Credibility
  • Asking Questions
  • Effective Presentations
  • Time Management
  • Building a Positive Attitude

1 Day Course

  • Understanding the Buying/Selling Process
  • Creating a Real Sales & Marketing Plan
  • Getting Easy Referrals for More Business
  • Finding More Prospects That Can Actually Buy Now!
  • Managing Your Sales Inventory to Close Business Fast!
  • Getting More and Better Appointments
  • Pre Call Planning - What Do You Really Need to Know?
  • Building Rapport to Gain Their Trust
  • Creating Creditability that Counts
  • Questioning that Discovers What They Really Want
  • Presentations Skills Like a Real Professional
  • Handling Objections That Puts Your Client at Ease
  • Gaining Commitment and Closing More Sales

2 - Day Sales Course

Day 1 - Morning

  • Overview of the Buying Selling Process
  • Developing a Sales & Marketing Plan     
  • Characteristics of the Idea Prospect
  • Managing Your Sales Inventory
  • Strategic Selling – Knowing the Players and the Process
  • Making the Appointment
        Dot1  Getting Past the Gatekeeper
        Dot1  Speaking with the Economic Buyer
  • Pre Call Planning
  • Building Rapport
        Dot1  “Why Meet” Statements
        Dot1  Gaining Favorable Attention
        Dot1  Building Rapport on a Subconscious Level

Day 1 - Afternoon

  • The Effective Use of Questions
       Dot1  Situation Questions
       Dot1  Solution Questions
       Dot1  Roadblock Questions
       Dot1  Payoff Questions
  • Understanding the Motivation for Buying     
  • Presentation – Removing Doubt
       Dot1  Features and Benefits        
       Dot1  Evidence
       Dot1  Showmanship
       Dot1  Powerless Phrases
       Dot1  Working with Power Point
  • Preparing for Sales Talk Championship

Day 2 - Morning

  • Working a Trade show
  • Gaining Commitment
  • Trial Closing & Handling Objections –
  • Trial Closes
  • Handle Objections
       Dot1  Uncovering the Hidden Objection
  • Strategic Selling – Continued
       Dot1  Setting Objectives
       Dot1  Managing the Sale Strategically
  • Sales Talk Championship
  • Fulfillment – Turning Customer Service into Sales

Day 2 - Afternoon - (Session includes Personal Profiles Completed Online)

  • Selling Styles and Effective Communications
       Dot1  Understanding Ourselves Selling Style
       Dot1  Understanding and Appreciating How Our Prospects are Different
       Dot1  Learning To Adapt to Improve Sales and Enhance Communication
           and our Selling Skills



What People are Saying about Sig

 “Energy, Enthusiasm and a Great Sense of Humor”
    Gary Davis,
    Wells Fargo Home

 “Unique, Exciting and Information Packed”
    Greg Hurt,
    Communication Inc.

 “Whenever I Hire a New Sales Professional, I Always Call Sig”
    Jack Huisman,
    StrickIron Inc.

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