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The secret to any successful sales organization or sales manager comes first from having the right people in place. After years of searching, we have found what we believe are the best instruments available for:

  1. Profiling the characteristics of a successful sales professional
  2. Measuring the existing strengths of a sales team
  3. Predicting the potential success of a new sales candidate

After years of working with TTI Performance Systems, Ltd.®, we continue to be amazed at the power of these instruments to accomplish the goals mentioned above. If there is an interest in learning more, please request a personal survey or a survey of one of your sales professionals to see the possibilities within this technology.

How We Use these Instruments

  • Benchmarking successful sales professionals
  • Screening sales candidates
  • Coaching and managing sales professionals
  • Team building

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What People are Saying about Sig

 “Energy, Enthusiasm and a Great Sense of Humor”
    Gary Davis,
    Wells Fargo Home

 “Unique, Exciting and Information Packed”
    Greg Hurt,
    Communication Inc.

 “Whenever I Hire a New Sales Professional, I Always Call Sig”
    Jack Huisman,
    StrickIron Inc.


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