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The first step of any successful sales effort comes from having the right people in place. As a sales manager, success or failure more than anything else comes from hiring correctly. The challenge is determining how effective a candidate could be after a few interviews and checking some references. After years of research, we have identified a methodology from TTI Performance Systems, Ltd.® that looks three dimensionally at candidates and then match them with the skill sets necessary to be effective within a position, which can be different based on the type of product and the type of selling.
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Once the correct team is in place, the next step is to define a sales process and vocabulary that sets expectations and monitors results. Our system is based on “The Power of Prospecting,”  which means being in front of the right prospect when they are ready to buy, as opposed to when we are ready to sell something.  The system can become as complicated as your sales environment requires based on of your selling process and the length of the selling cycle.

Finally, sales skills can be developed and enhanced through one hour, day, full day or multi-day  seminars based on needs and through analysis. For existing sales teams, we can test for strengths and complete a gap analysis for training development.
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Therefore, we use a three step of process for sales consulting to include: 1) Hiring Correctly, 2) Systems Design, and 3) Sales Instruction

The Buying/Selling Process

The key to any successful selling organization is to have a clear understanding of the sales process as well as a “sales vocabulary” to communicate. Just like any great sports team, the coach and players must have a game plan as well as a way of communicating what is happening on the field. In the same way, a sales team must collectively understand the sales process and have a vocabulary to discuss what’s happening in the selling environment.

Pre-Call Planning - Building Rapport - Discovery - Presentation - Commitment -Fulfillment

Pre-Call Planning – The selling process begins long before the sales professional ever gets in front of a prospect. Within this phase, we identify the characteristics of a qualified prospect, determine how to find them and then learn what to say to get the appointment. Once we have the appointment, we learn how to research the individual, the company and their products and services to develop a clear understand of a potential need.

Pre-Call Planning - Building Rapport - Discovery - Presentation - Commitment -Fulfillment

Building Rapport - We never get a second chance to make that first impression. Most prospects decide within the first 30 to 45 seconds whether they want to buy from us and the rest of the time is spent confirming their initial impressions. Rapport then leads to building meaningful relationships and developing trust, which are the keys to long term selling success. Within this phase, we discover ways of building rapport on both a conscious and a subconscious level as well as how to create credibility for ourselves and our company.

Pre-Call Planning - Building Rapport - Discovery - Presentation - Commitment - Fulfillment

Discovery - Professional salespeople love to ask questions and listen while professional visitors love to talk. Before we begin selling anything, we must understand what our prospects are looking for and why it’s important to them personally.  Within this phase, we identify the types of questions that are most effective and explore the emotional reasons behind their buying decisions.

Pre-Call Planning - Building Rapport - Discovery - Presentation - Commitment - Fulfillment

Presentation - In selling, second place has never paid very well and the difference between first and second place often resides within our presentation skills. So often, sales professionals overlook the benefits of our products and services rather to concentrate on the features. Within this phase, we discover the difference between features and benefits, the effective use of evidence and showmanship and discover how to effectively use PowerPoint to support our message.

Pre-Call Planning - Building Rapport - Discovery - Presentation - Commitment - Fulfillment

Commitment – Closing the sale starts long before a buying decision is ever made. Successful sales professionals understand that the ultimately buying decision is really preceded by a series of small identifiable commitments made by our prospect throughout the selling cycle that moves us ever closer to the buying decision. Within this phase, we identify the small series of commitments necessary to move our prospects through the buying process and learn how to deal with the objections that might come up along the way.

Pre-Call Planning - Building Rapport - Discovery - Presentation - Commitment - Fulfillment

Fulfillment – Building a successful career in sales comes from existing customers buying again and learning how to ask for referrals. To that end, simply meeting customer expectation will not take us to the next level of success in sales. Within this phase, we explore the essence of great customer and how to exceed customer expectations as well as how to leverage those opportunities to sell more.


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