Professionals Skills Development Course - One Day Seminar

  • Sales Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills

To provide training critical to success in today’s competitive environment to a wide range of professionals and disciplines within the corporate and nonprofit environment.

One full day or two days sessions.

Three modules each being between 2 and 3 hours and then adjusted based on the interests and outcomes of the client. Up to 40 participants can be included in each class supporting a wide range of professional disciplines and levels of selling expertise. 

Module I – Sales Skills
Within this module participants will learn and understand the sales process, how to develop a sales plan, how to find new prospects as well and to find additional business from existing clients. Tips will be given on how to manage your prospects, more effective ways of communication from a sales perspective and the power of asking the effective questions.

Module II – Presentation Skills
Within this module participants will learn the skills and secrets behind giving a more effective presentation whether within a sales presentation, at a conference or internally within your organization. Discussions will center on how to organize your presentation; connecting with your audience and how to effectively use PowerPoint. This can be a very powerful session for those already giving presentations, as well as those who are just thinking about it. Participant will be encourage to bring an existing presentation or one they are currently working on as a model to use and improve in class.

Module III – Communication Skills
Within this module participants will learn to improve their communication skills first by learning more about themselves; then by learning to appreciate how others are different and finally, understanding how to adjust their behavior to enhance communication. The session begins by exploring a personal behavioral style profile taken by all participants prior to class. This simple survey is completed on line in about 10 minutes with the results immediately e-mailed to the participant and the instructor who includes a copy within their personalized notebooks. Then, by using themselves as the model, we begin to understand how others are different and then how to communicate to others based on their behavioral style. This session is always a favorite with lasting results. 

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  • Sales Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills

To all levels of professionals and disciplines

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